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We provide school transportation to kids of all different ages and needs. We've built a long standing relationship based on trust

Axess Transportation understands that transportation of school children is a unique and specialized professional service. We also understand that the students should be transported to and from school regularly, promptly, safely and without interruption and the safety of children will always take precedence over the interests of either the contractor, its drivers, or the School District.


Axess Transportation comply with State laws and District policies when hiring personnel to be used in fulfilling the requirements of the Districts contract.

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School Hours

MONDAY 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
TUESDAY 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
WEDNESDAY 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
THURSDAY 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
FRIDAY 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
SATURDAY 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
SUNDAY 06:00 AM -06:30 PM


AccessTrans have a range of modern comfortable vehicles which are regulated by the state of Illinois and all owned and operated by friendly local drivers with many years of experience in the private hire industry. We are committed to providing a top quality school transportation service for state of Illinois.

List Of Schools & Districts

We provide services to following schools & districts


Fast, efficient, reliable and safe children school transportation service in Illinois that is backed up by the latest taxi dispatch system.

Abbott Middle School Warriors
Bartlett Elementary School Bulldogs
Bartlett High School Hawks
Canton Middle School Cougars
Centennial Elementary School Eagles
Century Oaks Elementary School Tigers


Drivers are polite, experienced fully police vetted and licensed by Illinois. Vehicles are always clean and maintained to the highest standards.

District 25 Arlington Heights 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
District 214 Arlington heights 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
District 300 Algonquin 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
District u-46 Elgin 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
District 15 Palatine 06:00 AM -06:30 PM
District 100 Belvidere 06:00 AM -06:30 PM

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Testimonials from our valued customers

  • Everything with Axesstrans is very well managed, the drivers are very friendly and accommodating. Even with changes in the pickup time, there were no problems. Cars were air conditioned and in a very clean condition. 
    Jane Clark Customer
  • Great service, punctual, well maintained cars, good and very friendly drivers. Their drivers help us a lot during pick-up and drop-off of children. Thanks! I am completely satisfied and would definitely recommend AxessTrans.
    Gordon Freeman Awesome Customer
  • We would all like to send our sincere thanks to you for giving us a great, grand & quick service in the very short time frame. Before AxessTrans I had no idea wheelchair accessible vans services existed. Now I’m a loyal customer of AxessTrans.
    John Doe Customer

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Proudly providing services to following schools