Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use AxessTrans?

Our focus is on students in grades K-12. We may provide services to a wider range of students in the future.

Where can I use AxessTrans?

Currently, AxessTrans provides service in all of Illinois Area suburbs.
Please ask your school to join the AxessTrans program!

New locations are frequently added.

When can I use AxessTrans?

Customers may book rides from 6 AM to 6:30 PM.

Can you describe the vehicles used and drivers assigned for your service?

We contract local cab drivers which currently serve public and private schools in nearby school districts. The drivers are employed by the AxessTrans for regular school transportation. They have been fully trained, credentialed, and insured for the rides. For clarity, AxessTrans does not own vehicles.

Is AxessTrans safe?

Your children’s safety is our top priority. As you may know, school bus companies operate under strict government regulation and oversight. Through contracting with the school bus companies, all rides with AxessTrans will comply with the same safety measures and procedures applied to the drivers, vehicles, and ride service, as those for regular school transportation. AxessTrans provides additional safety measure such as door-to-door service.

Are the private vehicles inspected?

Yes. The vehicles owned by the individual AxessTrans Drivers undergo a thorough, 13-point inspection every 6 months to assure that AxessTrans’s strict safety and operational standards are exceeded. The 13-point inspection includes:

  1. Maintained seat belts
  2. Working heat and air conditioner
  3. Working brakes
  4. Working emergency brakes
  5. Working horn
  6. Working doors with child safety locks
  7. Standard air bags
  8. Maintained and working windshield wipers
  9. Well-maintained tires with sufficient tread
  10. Clear of leaks
  11. Working speedometer
  12. Well-maintained interior and exterior mirrors
  13. Vehicle must not have major body damage or significant dents

Do the school cars have insurance?

Yes. Both school cars and drivers are fully insured and meet all legal requirements at the federal, state, and local levels.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes. Morning rides must be booked by 12 PM the business day before your scheduled ride. Afternoon rides must be booked by 4 PM the business day before your scheduled ride. For example, a Monday morning ride must be booked no later than 12 PM on the previous Friday and a Monday afternoon ride must be booked by 4 PM on the previous Friday.

What if a student is late for pick up?

When you set up the pick up time for your child’s ride, it is absolutely critical for you to make sure your child can be at the pick up location on or before the pick up time!

The school cab driver will wait for a scheduled passenger for up to 3 minutes from the pick up time.